About Us

Have you ever looked at your blank walls and felt an overwhelming sense of wanting to change the look but not knowing where to begin? The emptiness engulfs you with what ifs and you are left with a paralyzing sense of nevermind? Us, too. That's how the idea for B.A. Walls began! We make DIY solutions to wall decor & window privacy alternatives. 

We transform blank spaces into eye candy through wall decals, stickers, wallpaper and window glass covers. Our products are inspired by nature, animals, patterns and colors.

Our easy decor is great for busy home owners, kids room, renters, office space, teachers and event specialists who want to spice up wall space without much time to spend on a project. 

Window decals also offer a layer of privacy and act as a bird strike deterrent!

Many wall or window decals are as easy as pressing on stickers. Larger peel and stick wallpaper and decals need a step ladder, measuring tape and smoothing tool+. A touch style to anyone’s bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, classroom, children's room, nursery, office space, interiors, accent wall, events and beyond. 

B.A. Walls at your service, one blank wall at a time.


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